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Crown yourself king and queen of Garden Day

Floral stylist Storm Ross shares how to make a flower crown that stands out from the crowd in five easy steps.

Flower crowns have been around since ancient times as a symbol of celebration and are the perfect accessory to show your support for Garden Day on Sunday 20 October. Now in its fourth year, the call to action for Garden Day is simple: down tools, wear a flower crown and celebrate your garden with neighbors, family, and friends.

  1. Start by choosing your flowers. A single variety used in mass is often more effective.

2. You’ll need the following tools for the job: include secateurs, florists wire, florist tape and rope for the base. If working with children, please be sure to assist them when working with these tools.

3. Create small posies by tying bunches of blooms together with the wire.

4. Attach the posies to the rope or wire (which can also be used for a base) – by facing stems in the same direction and overlapping as you go along. Use florist tape to assist securing them to the base if necessary

Tip: Store your crown in the fridge to keep it fresh.

You can make your crown a couple of days in advance if you leave it in the fridge. It’s best to place your flower crown in the fridge as soon as you can after you’ve made it. Remember to place your crown in a safe spot in your fridge so it won’t get squashed. Spray it with water when you’re ready to wear to refresh the blooms.

Remember to share pics of your flower crown creation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by using #GardenDaySA and @GardenDaySA.