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If you would like to cultivate some inspiration in the lead up to Garden Day or if you’ve been as busy as a bee in the garden and want to share the fruits of your labour, click on one of the links below … learn, share and grow.

Here are some of our favourite videos to inspire and guide you in celebrating Garden Day. From participating in our #mygardenmoves dance challenge to wearing your virtual crown, the choices are endless!

Wear your virtual flower crown like Zoë Brown
"Gardening saved his life"
"Food from my own hands!"
Move with Kelly Kikx and Flora!
Host a Garden Day celebration
Make animal masks for kids
Capture your Garden Day celebration
Make flower crowns for your guests
Make Your Own Flower Crown with Suzelle DIY
"Rowland's garden is his first born"
"Medicine for my soul"
Make a veggie platter for Garden Day
Make a flower crown in six easy steps
Table setting for a garden party
Enjoy Garden Day with a cup of tea
Garden Day Highlights 2018
How to make a flower crown by Blomboy
Ideas of what to do on Garden Day